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Not too many weeks ago the highly advertised “Smile Direct Club” DIY orthodontic firm went bankrupt. Left in its wake were unstable teeth, root canals, root resorption, and even lost teeth. It was a stupid unworkable idea to start with, as I warned patients in my blog.

Now new scammers are on the prowl, promising to fabricate partial dentures using DIY impressions at great cost savings.

You cannot imagine the lengths to which we dentists go to obtain accurate impressions of movable tissue with a tongue and saliva in the way. There is no way a patient can take an accurate impression in front of their bathroom mirror.

Reset smiles advertises partial dentures with “no metal”, yet metal is what makes them strong and keeps a lot of load off the gums. Guaranteed these ratty factory partials will cause gum recession followed by tooth loss.

There is a sucker born every minute. It amazes me how some people believe any advertisement they see. Don’t fall for it. In a short while the lawsuits will start pouring in and will be bankrupt, just like Smile Club Direct. And you will have wasted a bunch of money and have to pay a real dentist anyway.

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Use these instead!

The Original Hillbilly / Redneck Novelty Teeth - Billy Bob Products

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Good idea. They likely fit as good, and are sure a lot cheaper!