Dental Implant Center: "How To Find The BEST Dentist In Town"

Very interesting stuff is said in this video:

My dentist says to avoid offices that have their crowns, etc. fabricated in China. Says that some Chinese labs will substitute base metals for gold, causing issues with the crown or implant.

In this piece, Dr. Mark Burhenne says the following:

Quality matters here. Some dentists will charge less ($600-800) but get crowns from labs overseas from places like the Philippines. Unfortunately, this often results in contaminated products. Many of these factories also use generic materials rather than brand-name ones that have consistent results over years.

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Well, unfortunately not many dentists use cast metal crowns anymore. Computer milled Zirconia crowns cost the least, so that is what is most often done. Problem is, there are teeth (like short second molars) where milled zirconia crowns will not hang on tight enough. Computer milling cannot add the detail that casting can achieve.

Metal content is more important in partial dentures. Metal content from China is often unknown, as also many times the castings are too thin to be sturdy.


I had a pretty good dentist about 10 years ago. He had to close his practice because his wife had health problems and they were moving to a new city.

I just asked him: “Hey Phil, who’s your dentist?” He told me and #2 has been very good!

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Not an endorsement but I saw an article about a dental offices in Los Algodones, MX.

Also heard dental work is good in Poland.

It is hard to make conclusions about dentists in other countries. I have a good dentist friend in Timasoara Romania who is state-of-the-art, but many other dentists there are mediocre.
I try to meet local dentists everywhere I travel.

In the third world the problems are:

  1. Many people who never attended dental school forge licenses and treat patients. Governments do not chase them unless there is an egregious accident.

  2. While the best dentists are good everywhere, the range of competence is very high in the 3rd world. The worst are much, much worse than in the US. In other words, the range of competence varies much more than in developed countries.

  3. Equipment costs more in the third world than here. I have encountered dental offices with no operating x-ray machines.

Remember no one here will treat your post-op problems from overseas for free. I would not touch an implant done offshore.