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From your experience-is it true that when a tooth is extracted that you need to replace it or the other teeth will shift and you’ll have problems eating, jaw issues, etc?

I was told something similar from my dentist and endodontist. I had a back-lower tooth shatter so it was pulled out. The endodontist said I would have to get an implant, and that while it wasn’t urgent/immediate, if I let it go, the tooth above it would eventually come out because it had no opposing tooth.

But I’ve also heard the teeth-shifting issue, too. And you do NOT want jaw issues.

Implants are expensive and little/nothing is covered by insurance, something I will never understand.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply Nancy M.
The information you shared is very helpful. Much appreciated…

It is true that when a tooth is extracted, the neighboring teeth will try to shift to fill the gap. This can result in bite problems, jaw pain, and difficulty chewing. Therefore, it is often recommended that missing teeth be replaced with dental implants, bridges, or other prosthetic devices to maintain oral health and function.

I suspect age may be relevant. My 90+ year old mother lost a tooth. We chose not to replace it. If she’d been 70, probably would have.

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Thank you for replying. I definitely am going to err on the side of caution here and have it replaced. I just don’t want to have problems and regret it down the road.
Thanks again for your input!

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That makes a lot of sense. And is very helpful. I guess if I was 90 as well I wouldn’t bother with it. Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

You’re welcome! It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your teeth. Best of luck with your tooth replacement!

Very true. Thanks again! I appreciate it very much.

Isn’t that what orthodontist do to help space teeth for braces, etc. I had my wisdom teeth taken out Only the bottom two were a problem. But, the Dentist said if he took the bottom ones out the tops will loosen bc they have nothing to bite onto. I’m sure there are limitations to how much movement will occur, but I believe you’ll get movement by other teeth that you may not desire. I imagine in most cases it is an aesthetic thing and not a health issue. My molars would have most likely become a health problem at some point.

Thank you for replying. You raise really good points. The main reason why I asked the question initial is because I couldn’t find individuals commenting on this. I would only find Dentists and others in the field and I wanted to know what individual experiences have been. I do have one friend that commented that he had two teeth pulled and never experienced the shifting or moving of teeth or any jaw issues. In my case, I guess I’ve decided to have the tooth pulled and then follow up and get some type of replacement. I don’t want to have any type of issues in the future. Thanks again for replying!

It isn’t going to happen over night if it even does. Had my bottom molars come in straight like the uppers did, I would have left them in. I had room in my mouth. Dentist pull teeth all of the time to make room for others. I’d trust my dentist, but get a second opinion. Google it! Everyone’s mouths are different.

You’re absolutely right. I really wish I could just pull the tooth and be done with it. It’s an upper molar near the back. But it seems to be a bit of a question mark what will happen in the days or years ahead. I don’t want to make a mistake that I come to regret.

I would imagine you have time to find out if it becomes a problem, but doing them both at the same time would be cheaper and less time consuming. Now if you need that molar to eat with, just having one may be a problem and an implant may be needed. if you have both on the other side,then just chew on that side. I wouldn’t worry so much about other teeth moving due to a molar, but it will affect your eating ability.

That’s true. I do use that molar for chewing and I’d like to still chew on that side.
I’m just going to proceed with the whole process.
Thanks for your input! I appreciate it.

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I just wanted to follow up and say that I had the tooth extracted and I now have a post. In a few months the oral surgeon will check and clear me to get the crown. My new question is this. Is the shifting issue for the teeth gone now no matter when I get the crown put in or do I have to get it put in within a certain amount of time?