Dental Help for Seniors?

My 78 year old husband needs a lot of dental work. Think teeth pulled, implants and crowns. I don’t know what he watches either on TV or his tablet but he keeps telling me about ads for a government program that helps people over 65 with dental expenses. I’m skeptical. Is there really something out there to help seniors pay for dental work? We have dental insurance through my employer, I’m retired. It’s minimal and max annual “payout” is $2,000.

There’s a pretty good insurance program for retired educators. Have you considered contacting a dental school? I hear sometimes they do cheap or free dental work so students can learn.

Thanks for the reply. I’m actually more trying to verify or disprove what my husband has been hearing about some government program that helps seniors over age 65 pay for some/all dental costs.

Check this out, bonwhardy:

Your husband is likely listening to ads for Medicare Advantage plans…and many of them offer significant amounts of reimbursement money to help pay for dental expenses. That is part of the allure to consider an advantage plan versus a Medicare supplement. There are however dental insurance plans that will go up to $10K of coverage, but most are $1000-2000 max per year. You just need to get past any waiting periods and then hope you dentist will participate.

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Yes, I frequently see commercials where Advantage Plans advertize dental coverage

After you use your insurance for 2 grand get the “CareCredit” card. It is not free money but it helps you stretch out payments over time. No interest if you pay on time and pay the last payment on time (hint hint, pay quite early.)

When I’ve had larger stuff done, like crowns and a root canal, I used CC and took 2 years to pay, no interest.