How to reduce health insurance costs

We currently pay out 1200 a month for medical, dental, and vision. Current job has no employee insurance

We tried Obamacare but had to consistently call insurance to pay for preventative care services. Pretty much got tired of it.

Any better options? We are an.older couple. Keeping dental and Vision is a must.

Thanks for any help.

When do you turn 65?

Not anytime soon.

Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster! It was a boon to the insurance industry at the expense of the taxpayer and the insured. No surprise that premiums doubled in 4 years as the number of carriers dwindled…

I’ve wondered about Dental insurance and whether it’s worth it.

I pay monthly for a dental plan which maxes out at $1500 (of ‘covered expenses’) and I’ve tracked the numbers.
I add up my premiums and what I pay out, and compare it to what I would have paid if I had just paid cash only (the total amount before insurance).
Most years, I just have my 2 routine visits, and I would have been better just paying cash, rather than the balance due + premiums.

One year I had implants, so more got paid out (but not for the implants - - just for one or two x rays or procedures).

I look at the total over several years (because each year can vary), and it’s actually a wash!

My dad didn’t have dental insurance – he just paid as he went.
I sort of think that might be the way to go, depending on one’s dental plan. The plans I’ve seen don’t cover that much (limited on crowns, none on implants…).

Thanks. Very informative.

Appreciate it!!

Just don’t forget to sign up for Medicare… there is a once-in-your-lifetime window to apply without penalty. You can begin as soon as the 1st of the month three births before your birthday. My birthday is in May, so I’m applying Feb 1 of the year I turn 65. If you’re late, you have forever-penalties.

When seeking better healthcare options while keeping dental and vision coverage, it’s worth exploring private health insurance plans that offer comprehensive coverage tailored to your specific needs. Research and compare different insurance providers to find the best fit for you.

I am on Medicare and find a combo of Cost Plus Drugs and Good Rx beats the prices from Medicare Part D ( drugs ) I wont cancel it due to penalty if I ever need it later.
I am on all of Medicare’s 3 tiers of Rx and by not using them I will never reach their deductible If I do use them I will reach the deductible but the most expensive of my meds never come down in price. It is lose lose. Maybe Medicare should consider Cost Plus!

There is a Bogleheads presentation on YouTube that covers pre Medicare health insurance options. Search YouTube for Bogleheads Chapter Series-Health Care Planning

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