ACA (aka Obamacare) plans now available all year now if low income

Great news!!! Thanks to new rules, if you still need health insurance because you missed the last open enrollment period, and your income is between 100-150% of the Federal Poverty Level., and you live in a state that has not expanded Medicaid (like Georgia) you can now qualify for a special enrollment period and get little or no cost health insurance as early as April 1st.

We’ve already helped a few people get free insurance with the new options. This is available to start coverage any time this year.

I don’t think anything in the ACA says that you must take your employers insurance. I think you are free to buy whatever you want…but you won’t get any subsidies from the marketplace. My ex is self insured and she got insurance - not from the marketplace. So there’s plenty of choice out there.

There are several alternatives to ACA plans….and if your employer insurance is considered unaffordable, you can still get subsidized ACA plans if your income warrants.

Alternatives include Christian Ministry share plans, short term plans like UHC, and underwritten medical plans. Only ACA and group plans cover pre-ex however

Some folk mistakenly buy limited benefit and/or junk plans….and get burnt if something bad happens….so you have to be wary of fast talking insurance agents

Sure you can pay skies the limit, but that’s NOT Obamacare so it isn’t choice of or from ACA.