Good Customer Service!

I know that it is easy to bash Walmart, but there are some of us gathering to make a Walmart Employees day! My Sister moved here and was so impressed with this greeter that she wanted to do a video and post it.

Here are two postings from Next Door. There are 96 coments and over 140 likes. Not one bad word in the bunch.

WalMart Exit ‘Greeter’. Gotta say, whenever I am feeling a little ‘down’ I go to WalMart and exit. She is the friendliest most cheerful person on this Island. Time to bring her flowers and candy.

Hi Everyone yesterday we all were discussing our favorite Walmart Greeter Rose Marie. I went by Walmart today and was informed she works Tuesday through Sat from 6am to 3. One of the other greeter’s at the door told me she was a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force before retiring, so there is even more to impress us all. Shall those of us who would like to do something for her pick Tuesday the 14th. Anytime between 6-3 we can just bombard her with kindness, flowers, anything you want… all through her shift. that would be awesome! I was also informed you can go to the walmart website and recognize all she does to the management and they just might reward her!


So today about 20 of us gathered at the Kona Walmart to thank the greeter and wish her a Happy Valentines Day. It was a very touching presentation. The Manager helped us gather and surprise the greeter.


She needed the cart on the right there for the gifts and flowers.

Many of the people gathered for the presentation.