Force Cell Phone Data when ISP is down

Googled this but hard to explain.

  • My Samsung Phone Data normally works fine at home and away. I have T-mobile.

Last Night my ISP (ATT) went down) so my Modem/Router were still active but with no Internet Gateway.

So in trying to use cell phone data, it kept going to my Router and found nothing.

I tried turning off WiFi on Settings… no help.
I was reluctant to turn off my Router… wanted to know when Service came back to my RoKu etc.

How do I force my Cell phone to go to Cell Data and not my WiFi which normally works fine?

I could still make phone calls.

Do you have an android or an iphone? On an android, it is very easy to turn off wifi, and it doesn’t then keep trying to connect with wifi…any wifi.

You tried turning off Wifi on your router or on your phone? In any event, either one should have worked (though if your phone automatically connects to a neighbor’s Wifi which also uses AT&T, you’d have shut off Wifi on the phone). You didn’t do it right. On your phone, there should be an icon to turn off Wifi in the menu. It’s so common I almost find it hard to believe that you either didn’t find the right one or it didn’t work. Or perhaps I misunderstood the issue.

Thank you!
Ok now, must have screwed up. AT&T Fiber was down and I wanted to use the phone to cast to Roku… easy once you figure it out.
I made it a lot more complicated than it is.

Seems you have to relearn when you do something so seldom.
AT&T has been very reliable. We had a bad storm that Afternoon.
It was back up the next AM.

Then it was down for about an hour yesterday… probably some adjustments and I got to try again… OK !!!