Modem/ Router Oddity

We are cordless with Internet TV and Ooma Phone.

This AM all computers said no internet… but TV and Phone worked. How does that happen?

I try to avoid steps but after a while I finally went to the Basement to reboot the ATT Modem and Netgear Router but hey the TV and Phone worked.

Why did the YTTV and Ooma Phone work if the problem was with the Modem and Router?

BTW, I also had to reboot my Samsung Smart phone… what could have happened overnight?

This happened here more than once. TV and phone works fine, but all things Internet stop. Reboot modem and all okay. No idea why,

The router keeps track of IP and MAC addresses (the MAC Table) for the devices that are connected to it. Could be that something in those tables got corrupted and it lost track of some, but not all, of the devices. I’ve had similar issues and just reboot the router and all is good. I just had to reboot my router today due to significantly lower speeds than usual. The router is not immune to SW/HW glitches that can cause problems and are often easily fixed with a reboot.

Best to re-boot your router/modem periodically under any circumstances. It can clear up conflicts when you have multiple devices on the same network. You can have IP conflicts pop up.

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Besides IP conflicts, the DNS server that you are using might not have been available.

DNS is essentually the ‘directory assistance’ service. When you ask to go to XYZ.COM your router directs the request to the DNS server that responds that the site is located at and then you are sent to that address to look for the site. If DNS is not responding, you get sent no where. Manytimes the DNS server you use is one hosted by your internet provider. I prefer some other provider such as Google, Cloudflare or an open DNS server.

When you said TV or Phone I am not sure if you meant Internet streaming TV or Internet Phone. Regular cable TV channels will work even in the data network is not responding.

I have seen cases twice recently where Roku streaming channels (such as live Court TV feed) would not work, but you could access on-demand content that was stored and could be watched whenever you wanted, still worked. They are kept on separate types of Cloud servers apparantly on Amazon sites.

Streaming and Phone over Internet worked!