Everything takes second place now, because

…college football is back…!

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UGA put an old fashion whooping on Oregon today.

Sure did.
Now I know why Travis Dye, perhaps their best player last year, jumped ship and went to USC. He looked around the other players and did not see any benefit staying with Oregon.

This is the fourth year that Bo Nix has now lost to UGA. He has talent but I’ve never seen what a lot of the announcers talked about when saying how great he is.

I looked at the Oregon roster and did not see a familiar name. I had zero info on Nix. Guess they had nobody else?

I guess they peaked with Mariota and Herbert, so all down hill now?

Nix was QB for Auburn the past three years then transferred. The announcers on the SEC games couldn’t say enough good about the guy. He never showed it against UGA.

That’s why I didn’t know his name. OR has three other QB’s, but none played. Probably wanted no part in that dumpster fire.

I wonder if this was Nix’s “one and done”?

Don’t know anything about the rest of Oregon’s team. Don’t see them much down here. I am going totally against the grain but I’m pulling for ND against Ohio St. tonight. Don’t like either and think both are usually over rated early in the season.

Best OR game of recent memory, was in 2021 against their decades long nemesis, Ohio State. OR won in the horseshoe, 35-28 and a thriller with an OR interception in the final minutes.

Now, for the big question: Do you think Oregon will be joining Ohio State (and USC and UCLA) in the Big Ten?

No idea, and that move was / still is, a shock. There is no logical reason for the move, so it has to be all about $$$$$. I cannot see any other reason.

Oregon? I doubt it, but I’m wrong a lot.

Bingo! Does there have to be any other reason?

The way things are going there will be two major conferences and the left-overs. I doubt Oregon will want to be in the second group if it can avoid it. The PAC-12-er-10 is a sinking ship.

Oregon struggles with Utah [and others] but if they pull it together a PAC-12 title is “possible”. USC is the joker in that deck. And maybe UCLA. Chip Kelly would luuuuuuuuve to beat Oregon.

Depending on how this new playoff system finally jells, a PAC12 title would not be easy, but probably the easiest path to the playoffs.