How Are You Watching NFL This Football Season?

Verizon offers FREE NFL Sunday ticket to select customers! Will you take advantage of it? Or do you have another affordable way to get your NFL fix this season? Tell us about it!

I save a lot of money (not to mention time) by not caring one bit about professional sports.


I have NFL games on, sort of background ‘white noise’ but much prefer college ball. However, with the endless PAC12 problems, not sure how long that will last.

Ditto except for golf on Sunday afternoons (DirecTV satellite) but usually end up taking a nap through half of it!

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IMHO, unless you bet on games…

Seems like the 4 or 5 games a week on Broadcast TV should be enough.

I used to have YouTube TV
Just a $50 offer
Expires September 19

I don’t have cable nor any streaming service. Used to pay for Sunday Ticket to view on my laptop since 2018 thru last season. And then i’d watch the SNF, MNF and TNF games via the Yahoo Sports App.
Welp, Yahoo no longer played the games a/o last year and now Direct TV is out.
I’m still in a quandary with what to do
I’ve considered watching with NFL+ so I can watch the SNF, MNF, and TNF games live, and then the Sunday games AFTER it played.
I’m only interested in every play and the All 22 of my Minnesota Vikings.
But don’t know if it’ll work since I’ve no NFL Network service, only the app
Still uncertain if YouTube Sunday Ticket would even be worth the cost.

Agreed. If I’m by someone’s house I’ll catch a game but really since 2018, I could even avoid seeing the Pats or Bucs win the superbowl

Over the years, the Falcons have pretty much killed any desire for the NFL. Still love college football.

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Yes the 2017 Super Bowl still haunts me.

We went to our Son’s house to watch with his large Family.
For 3 Quarters it was wonderful… then the roof caved in.

I had to look it up. Yeah, that 4th Q was an avalanche.

I get the Seahawks on Youtube TV. With it DVR’d, I can watch the whole game in just over an hour as I will often just skip ahead to the next play once the ball is called down. I generally don’t need to listen to the announcers and don’t really have time to sit and watch football all day.

Peacock carries 1 game a week on Sun. night. I think they have to work out a few glitches, though, esp. for the PST time zone. The first game they played last season showed the last 3 minutes of the game [probably EST] then cut to the beginning of the game [PST] and showed everything BUT the last 3 minutes. They messed up the next couple weeks then seemed to pull it together. Plus, the way they name it is the same as the commentary show so it’s very confusing. I’ve been getting offers promising NFL for Sling TV lately, too.

Unless i have friends or family playing, I have almost no interest in sports.

I’ll be watching on my rabbit ear antenna powered 55" TV. I am a Veri-scum customer and wouldn’t trust them to provide anything I don’t have committed in writing, notarized.