EV News... 6-8 hours for a full charge

A handful of public electric vehicle charging stations in East Cobb are primarily centered along Johnson Ferry Road.

The latest are at Parkaire Landing Shopping Center, where two free Volta charging stations have been installed in the corner of the parking lot closest to the East Cobb Library.

They provide a Level 2 charge, delivering 6.2 to 19.2 kilowatts, requiring a 208-240 Volt, 40 Amp circuit.

According to Evocharge, an EV charging station manufacturer, a Level 2 charge typically provides 32 miles of driving range per hour of charge, and takes an estimated 6-8 hours to fully charge.

Good it is near a Library.… where is the nearest Bar?
Nearest Movie Theater not even close.
Maybe an 8 hour Restaurant meal.

Do you find this reassuring?

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Put a gasoline generator in the trunk of the car and continuously charge… oh that’s a hybrid.

If we cared about optimization of fuel economy instead of making gigantic heavy non aerodynamic super performance vehicles, we could have 100 MPG hybrids.

What do you expect for a free charger? If people are in a hurry, they can pay for a fast charge.

The price is not the issue!

He will spend far more entertaining himself for hours.

I do not think EV is ready for Prime Time… it is like posting 70 mph Speed limits 5 years before the Interstates were built. We need massive infrastructure,

#PricePerformer…It’s a way to attract business for the shopping center… If Parkaire Landing Shopping Center offered to pay you the price of a gallon of gas for every hour you parked your car in their parking lot, would you choose it for a place to do your shopping? I think I would.

And … would you hang around trying to find ways to amuse yourself until you got enough to fill up your gas tank? … Of course you wouldn’t… if you had a gas car you’d take the free gas and get on with your life. And if you had an EV you’d take the money and go home and plug your car into your own level 2 charger!

… “The U.S. Department of Energy indicates that 80% of EV charging is done at home due to the convenience and low cost of residential charging”

I’m sure that’s why these were installed. Anyone in a hurry can pay for a fast charger and be on their way. I don’t know the area, but I imagine that any EV owners there know where the chargers are, and what charging level is available.

Incidentally, what do you suppose would happen if the library offered one free gallon of gas to patrons who spend half an hour in the library? I’ll bet they’d have a line around the block.


Every BEV I’ve seen will tell the driver where charging stations are, the level they charge at, and directions, turn by turn, on how to get there. Mine will even indicate by individual charger which ones are currently being used.

I’ll stay with GasBuddy.

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I’ll bet you’re still using those incandescent light bulbs you hoarded too because LEDs were always going to be way too expensive and provide crappy light.

There you are wrong.
I like progress when they provide a real Benefit.
Some day E-Vehicles will be priced right and provide a real benefit… not now.

BTW, I was an early user of the CurleyQ bulb and am replacing them with LED.

EVs are not ready for Prime time.

EVs are like posting 70mph speed limits 5 years before the interstates were built.

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EVs provide real value in their smallest sizes… Scooters, bikes, golf carts… for limited range low speed use in warm weather climates. That’s just owing to the low energy density of batteries. If batteries get better and less expensive, that changes. If gasoline gets more expensive, the balance changes.

I just don’t see the ROI in decommissioning my gasoline car which I paid $12,600 for seven years ago and it gets 28 MPG and no mechanical issues at all with 100k miles on it. I could run it another decade.

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Fixed it for you. EVs obviously provide a real benefit to lots of people now, or else they wouldn’t be buying them.

The current car-buyer segment for a BEV is for use as an around-town car for people who have two cars available for their use. That segment represents almost 60% of US households.

If you were ready to buy a car, and your household had two or more cars, and you had a choice between an ICE car that got 24.2 MPG and an EV that cost less than 1/4 that much to fuel, and less costly for maintenance, and much better performance, and more fun to drive… what would you buy if they cost the same?

No vehicles available 8.5% 9.1%
1 vehicle available 32.5% 33.7%
2 vehicles available 37.1% 37.4%
3 or more vehicles available 22.0% 19.8%

Well… people do get into mass buying manias of all sorts which turn out to be value destroying in hindsight. I’d never let the herd make my major financial decisions for me. Which doesn’t mean EVs are a bad idea for everyone, I just know the propensity for 'Muricans to borrow money to keep trying to impress people they don’t like. I really doubt people go after the decision asking “how do we minimize total lifecycle cost per mile over our family fleet?” 5% will, the same 5% who take Social Security at age 70 and max out their retirement accounts.

How is that any different from how most cars are chosen? I’m all for letting people decide to spend their money however they want. I don’t own an EV myself, but it doesn’t bother me if my neighbor wants to. A lot of people seem to be awfully concerned with what cars other people buy.

I agree with the above.

What I oppose is stacking the deck… purposely manipulating the price of fuel to force a result.

Restricticting Drilling and Pipelines is stacking the deck.

People can buy what they want, but I think hard all or nothing social bets on one technology are dangerous, particularly before the supply chain supporting that technology has been shown to be robust (the grid, energy metals). You might end up with a Howard Hughes Spruce Goose on a national scale.

It’s probably against the law to operate a steel-tracked vehicles like tanks and bulldozers on the streets in your town. That’s because they tear up the streets and make them unusable for everyone else. That would be inconvenient.

Like or not, your ICE car is going to be phased out because they are making the planet we live on unusable. Your grandchildren’s kids will be happy you sacrificed the ICE car you loved so much.

If you care about what they will think of you, don’t leave any record behind of your unwillingness to go along with helping save the planet for their use… :woozy_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a Fools errand until India and China are on board.

Air quality is local… Climate Change is not.

So… lemme understand where you’re coming from. First, the issue is carbon emissions, not smog contamination.

So, if you are in a sinking boat in the middle of the ocean and half the people are bailing and trying to save the boat from sinking, and half the people are refusing to bail, you’re NOT going to start bailing until everybody else bails too? REALLY?.. :nerd_face: :upside_down_face: :woozy_face: