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How about if half the people were adding more water to the boat. That is closer to the current situation.

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India and China are a couple of decades behind the rest of us in terms of adding water to the sinking boat. The Industrial Age only came about in China and India in the mid-twentieth century. Europe and the US had been pumping out tons of carbon for 100 years by then…

Although China has had recent setbacks due to lack of water to power their hydro-electric production, their plans to eliminate carbon emissions are well ahead of our own. In 2021 15% of new Chinese autos were EVs and they will require 40% be EVs in 2030.

The US fossil-fuel industry is, in large part, responsible for our lethargic response to the real global dangers of climate change. I don’t think history will treat them kindly.

We don’t need no stinking Excuses (Badges).

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If the roles were reversed, would you feel the same way?.. I think not… :face_with_monocle:

Don’t know what you mean by Reversed Rolls.

I am against Government stacking the Deck.
Let the Market decide!!

Would it be allowed for people and organizations who have had a climate related loss to sue the fossil fuels industry? That would be “letting the market decide”.

Actually since Government makes the laws under which someone might sue, that is more like stacking the deck than letting the Market decide

Reversed roles: If China and India had started pumping tons of carbon into the atmosphere in 1850 and the US began doing the same 100 years later in 1950, would you feel that we were just as responsible as they would be for bringing a potential climate catastrophe to bear on all of us?

Government stacking the deck: If we as free citizens are engaged in an activity that, if continued, will mean the end of life on earth, do you think the government should NOT take decisive action to remedy the problem? Do you really think that the private fossil fuel industry will solve the problems for us?

Can you cite any private sector entity or group that is capable of solving the climate change problem they have created?