Driver or owner responsible?

If an adult takes vehicle w/o permission from a vehicle from close family member, and has an accident, is the owner in any responsible in NC?
Does the owner have to report it as a theft in order to forgo responsibility?

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It’s possible that they would be responsible under civil liability. If the person lived in the household, he/she is covered unless specifically excluded. It’s a decision that the claims department will have to make. I’m not sure if they would need to report it stolen and it would be a little late to report it after the fact unless they didn’t know it had been taken. It can get very complicated depending on the circumstances.

driver had own insurance, but drove family members car, which was also insured.

In Ga. pretty sure auto insurance is vehicle specific.

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There are really too many unknowns in your story to answer this question. If he wasn’t a permissive driver then the owner of the car’s insurance is going to have to investigate that.

If he was a permissive driver then generally speaking the owner’s insurance would be primary and the driver’s insurance would be secondary or it could be pro-rata depending on the language in the two policies.

it is - which is why you need to be very careful letting people borrow your cars. Yes, I know this does not apply in this situation.

Time to get the insurance companies involved. There is certainly liability to the person who “borrowed” the car. but depending on the seriousness of the accident, lawyers tend to sue everyone.

That is correct! The insurance follows the car. Beyond that there are a number of different ways it could play out, but the insurance in the car is primary. It really doesn’t matter who drives it legally or illegally, you are protected. The matter of a vehicle used by someone without permission can be considered a theft, if one wants to go that route. I’ve report cars stolen, but not by rogue family members. That’s another can of worms altogether.

Glad i am not the only one with a rougue family member. It must be more common than one would think. no one cares for a car like the person who has put blood, sweat and tears into keeping up the financial end of things.