FL auto insurance coverage confusion


My wife and I moved from WI to FL this past summer and to be honest we are still baffled on what the correct auto insurance is that we should really have to feel safe and protected.

Our insurance broker flat out told us she has $10,000/$20,000 for bodily injury liability and doesn’t have uninsured motorist coverage. She said for her and her family’s situation it works.

My wife and I bought our condo with cash, we are financing our son’s college education and we own one vehicle here and one vehicle in WI that our son drives.

My question is this - if we carried the same amount of bodily injury liability our insurance broker has and let’s say we cause an accident since FL is a no fault state how can the other party sue us for everything that we have? If their injuries to their vehicle and to themselves are more than what our bodily injury liability has, what happens then?

This is what we don’t understand. Do we really need 100/300/100 or 250/500/100? I ask because what if someone injures us in an accident and they are not insured at all, underinsured or carry $10,000/$20,000 bodily injury liability?

Why should we be over insured when most people here are not along with FL being a no fault state?