Should my son get non owners car insurance?

I have my son listed as a driver under my car insurance. He recently moved to a large city and any decided not have a car. He plans to use Zipcar when he really needs a car. Does my son need to purchase non-owners car insurance?

No, and welcome to the forum.

He is not the driver of the vehicle and the state will require the owner of the vehicle to purcase insurance.

He should consider an Umbrella policy in the event that the Zipcar is involved in a catastrophic accident that causes damages beyond what they have on the car and a suit is filed alleging an agency relationship between your son and ZipCar.

The Umbrella would also provide additional coverage for other types of exposure and is cheap.

I had never thought of an umbrella policy… Thanks for the advice!

My umbrella requires underlying Auto and Homeowners in specific amounts. Is that unusual?


He should talk to an agent to see if an umbrella policy is available for renters without a car.