Does booking airfare much earlier save money?

Has anyone tracked airfares over time?

I wanted to go to Dayton Ohio next October. Would it save money to book now, or would it be just as cheap to buy 2 months from the departure date?

There are sometimes sales that pop up, but I am usually not in the loop to hear about many of them.

We found that SW runs sales about 3 times a year. We were able to use them on long lead time events like Weddings.
SW does not fly ATL to Dayton.
Cincinnati however is an hour south of Dayton on I-75. Do you plan to rent a car? We signed up for the SW sale Emails. Worked great.

Unfortunately Delta is alone offering Non Stop Service to Dayton. You can sign up their emails… but Delta is not as big on sales as SW. I wonder if any of your Delta Patients can give you a heads up!

I get sales notifications for southwest all the time…at least every month or two.

My last two trips they rescheduled, and the times changed significantly. For my upcoming trip, the departure moved from 8 or 9 am to 6 am. And the return changed from a 6 and a half hour trip with no plane change to a 10 and a half hour trip with two plane changes. The trip a year ago they did not notify me of changes, and I only discovered them when I checked in online…they moved my return trip several hours earlier. If id not checked in online, I’d have shown up for a nonexistent flight…

If you book a Delta flight and later discover the price went down you can go on their website and rebook it and they will deposit the difference in fare as an e-credit for a future flight. You can use google flight alerts to let you know of flight price changes.

Both Columbus and Cincy are reasonable options for Dayton. They are generally, but not always, less expensive. Depends on your origin. If you live in a Breeze Airways city, Columbus is definitely a bargain. Drive from Columbus beats the drive from Cincinnati.

That is the biggest complaint I have heard with Southwest- cancelling or changing times of flights.