Should I wait to book airfare to Vegas?

I’m planning on traveling to Vegas from Portland, OR on September 22nd - September 25th. The airfare for 2 adults is over $1100.00 right now. I know no one has a crystal ball, and this is an age-old question, but with the rising gas prices it feels like we have to plan differently now. I’d appreciate any input. Book now? Or wait it out and book later?

Did you look at SW… lots of flights under 200 … under 800 RT for 2. Change Planes in Sacramento.

Sign up for the SW Sale email. They have frequent sales.
SW flights are only listed on the SW site. shows flights as cheap as $144 round trip.

I looked at the Google Flights link, and it was helpful. Spirit Airlines is the least expensive at first glance, but with the added fees, I don’t think I’ll fly with them.