Do you ignore or take action from dark web alerts?

I have several monitoring ‘alerts’ for my user name. I get these all the time! It’s only the email user name but not the p/w. Still, they suggest changing p/w. If I did that, I would have changed it probably a hundred times.

I just ignore them now.


Once you’ve been in a breach the same information tends to pop up again and again in lists (pastes). If there is a specific site listed that was breached, you can look at the breach date and change if it it’s newer than the last time you changed. has most breaches with details. If you use a different strong password on every site and two-factor authentication where available, you are probably safe from the information in pastes since it tends to be pretty old (at least for me).

I ignore them…my credit has been frozen for 10 years…

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