Costco Receipts

You know those receipts you get from stores (like Costco) that are on thermal paper and fade?

I kept trying to look at one that was left in the car and had faded but gave up.

Then I remembered that a copy of the receipt is stored in my Costco account and will print quite nicely at home. They only go back a few months for me because they had to change my card number. They were able to pull up old receipts at the store for me.

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If you Google it, there are several methods to restore faded receipts: heating the paper, Photoshop, etc. (in case the store can not retrieve it from your account).

At stores that have the option, i choose email and print receipt. I have a folder that i send all email receipts to.

This is a much better way to look up recipes. I believe Costco receipts [and most other receipts too] are printed with a chemical that has been linked to cancer- BHT I think.

I scan all my receipts into my Quicken database.

That makes them easy to find.