Credit card signature and photos

Clark says that essentially nobody looks at the back of his credit card (for the signature).

I have seen the cashiers at Costco flip the card and compare my image with my face, although they do it nonchalantly. SO Clark, watch for this and see if this happens at your COSTCO or other warehouse stores that have a photo on them.

A couple decades ago we had to show a photo ID to travel between Hawaiian Islands. The screener/agents accepted the COSTCO card, I guess figuring that COSTCO already knew who we were :slight_smile:

Couple of years ago, I gave my credit card to my son to use at Costco. The cashier turned over the credit card, and he was not allowed to use it.

Finger print readers are cheap.

CC should go to finger prints for ID.

Signatures used to be the norm for validation. Yet when I searched Georgia records a few decades ago, I found my mortgage documents online including images of my signature. It was interesting that the only signature blocked out was the clerks. Obviously that was to avoid people using that clerks signature to add to another document. My signature was not treated the same.

You fingerprint could be duplicated. One way could be to scan a fingerprint or finger and use a 3-D printer to create a proper working item.

Or… How to Fake Fingerprints: 13 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

DNA. It is possible to have similar DNA (like twins). It is also tryue that some small population are Chimeras ( Chimeras are organisms that have two different sets of DNA, or the genetic material that contains instructions for the development and functioning of an organism, present in their bodies. Most organisms only have one set of DNA, which is present and identical in every cell throughout that organism’s body.) Even a bone marrow transplant can cause Chimera DNA.

As long as we come up with security systems, there will be a way to thwart them.

Chimeras are more common than you’d think they’d be; in some organisms more common than in others.


However, I believe that finger prints are a lot harder to fake than signatures.

Gold’s Gym used to have a security system that when you scanned your gym card your picture appeared on their computer screen.

Better security than my CC.