Costco Membership Perk: Free Nitrogen Tire Filling Stations

I recently had new tires installed at Costco and noticed after I got home that they fill them with nitrogen. Great, but I usually top off my tires when they need it and I have a standard compressor.

Well, shopping today at Costco I noticed their air filling station near the tire installation bays. It says “AIR” on the side so I assumed it was just air. But looking closer, it is nitrogen. No one told me when I bought the tires I could top off with nitrogen there. They are easy to use as you enter the tire pressure you want and it automatically fills it to the correct pressure. No more measuring with a pressure gauge!

Pure air or nitrogen or any combination is fine. Airliners with high pressure tires [180-240 psi] conducted numerous testing to confirm this.

[although nitro is generally preferred because it leaks less and has almost no moisture]

. . . .and the nitrogen filling stations are easier to use. Set the pressure, attach the hose and it pumps it to the correct pressure. No messing with the compressor and hoses and no gauges trying to get pressure right.

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The new digital tire inflators are pretty easy to fiill your tires to within +/- 0.5 psi. I bought one a couple of years ago because I air my tires at home and my Volvo calls for 41 psi front and 42 psi rear. They’re 235 & 255/40s on 20" wheels so there’s not much air volume.