Run-Flat Tires?

I’m getting ready to replace the 235x55R19 tires on my our 2017 Santa Fe and the run flat tires are the same price as the others.

Any comments, war stories or experience with them here in the group?

Added: The car has a pressure-monitoring system that notifies the driver when any tire pressure falls.

My experience with them was not good. The ride was not as smooth and my MPG dropped.

I just replaced all four of the tires and the shop accidently put regular tires on and I drove on them about a month before they called me up and told me and I went back in to have the run flats put on. I did notice a slight difference in ride but did not measure the mileage.

We had a flat one time and we were able to drive to the dealer to have it replaced. It was very convenient and I would give up the slight difference in ride and mileage for that.

That said, most cars that have these do not have spares, so you would be taking a chance not replacing them with run flats.

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Sidewalls tend to be very stiff on run flats. Makes for a very “hard” ride.

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It’ll be interesting to see how they ride. I just ordered a set of Bridgestone Driveguard-Plus 235/55R19’s.

I tend to favor a firm ride suspension and Bridgestone is the only tiremaker with a run-flat tire that is intended for cars that were not equipped with OEM run-flats. They are reported to be a little less harsh than the tires made for OEM replacements.

I’ll post my impressions when we try them a few miles.

They ride rougher and are noisier. I would never go out of my way to buy them. There are a lot of quality tires out there. I actually have Nokian One tires on my sons car. They have extra sidewall strength to help with pot hole blow outs if that is of interest.