Do you think Tire Tread Life Warranties are a come on & just marketing?

Has anyone had their tires actually REPLACED free of charge under a manufacturer’s “Tread Life Warranty”? It recently occurred to me, that I’ve never known of a situation wher all 4 tires wear so evenly, that at least one or two of the tires didn’t have tread left that could be used. AND the make/model of the tire was no longer available so all 4 tires had to be replaced. So instead of tire replacement under the warranty, it winds up just being a slight discount for selling 4 new matching tires. It seems like it is mostly marketing except in in all but an exceptional circumstance where the tires wore evenly and wore out well before the mileage limit.

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Of course it’s a marketing gimmick, it’s a “feel-good” pitch for the tire buyer that serves to bring you back for repeat business.

The mattress industry does something similar. They offer a partial credit on a new replacement mattress based on how much the old one sags in the middle. Then they sell you a new and more expensive one that “qualifies” as a replacement. It’s just a way to get you back to buy more.

Most of those warranties I’ve seen are pro rated, not a full replacement.

I once bought a tread life warranty through Sam’s club and I thought it was worth it.
I paid $3.50 per tire and it wasn’t a free replacement, but I did get a substantial discount on each tire when it needed to be replaced. I didn’t replace them all at once but within a year, they all needed replacing and the prices were discounted enough to make it worthwhile for me. This was years ago and of course, it would depend on the price/deal.