Costco Citibank card deletion of extended warranty

I will no longer use this card for major purchases as the warranty extension is being removed in January. I will use one of my Chase Cards instead. Sorry Citibank!

Agree. I was most helpful to me years ago when my laptop died one month out of HP warranty. My Costco card saved the day with the extended coverage. With quality of manufacturing sliding, it’s nice to have some additional protection. As an example, I’m looking at replacing our countertop toaster oven. The recommended brand (Breville) is not cheap – yet there are enough 1-star ratings to warranty an extended warranty.

The extended warranty is the single biggest factor for me to purchase major appliances at Costco. Without it there is not much advantage over Home Depot, Lowe’s etc. I have been a member since 1988 and purchased numerous appliances and televisions there. I guess no more as all good things come to an end.
I have utilized the warranty 4 times over the years and I must admit it came in handy. I admit also that I wondered how Citi could afford the program with the inferior quality of today’s appliances. We know that cost is the driving factor no matter what they try to feed us.

Ah so that is how/why the extended warranty is going away. Thinking it must have been a carryover from the days of the costco amex card.

Since that is a beloved costco perk, I would think costco might think of dumping citi as they did with amex. Maybe it is a money loosing deal…

Last time I looked, my Charles Schwab Amex extends warranties for one additional year.

But if you buy a TV, computer or major appliance from Costco, Costco extends the manufacturer’s warranty for up to two years.

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