Cord Cutters News: "Roku Issues a Mandatory Terms of Service Update That You Must Agree To or You Can’t Use Your Roku"

Um, are the new terms of service anything to particularly worry about? Should one try to opt out of them?

I got around it, without pressing the center enter button on the popup. Don’t ask me how but I’m sure their legal department is counting it as an accept. :stuck_out_tongue:
Just mail them the letter in 30 days, done.

My TV with Roku says the date used was something like the 20th of February, so watch for actual date to start the 30 days.

Also, who the heck has receipts for Rokus. I have one of the original Rokus from what, a decade ago?

I am going to flood them with separate pages for each Roku inclusing photos of the devices, all sent by USPS, because email seems not to hack it.

I will bet thst Roku has new lawyers AND they charge by the hour! That could explain this whole thing.

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How many people read the previous terms and conditions before the agreed to them?

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