Common for a Cat5 port to go bad?

Very odd. Last week laptop internet dropped for a minute, right in the middle of email. Checked the LR taskbar, “Internet Access”, and it had auto-connected to my WiFi. This continues to work fine.

The Xfinity Internet option would not connect. This CAT5 hard wire cable has worked perfectly for decades. Tried about 50 times. Office has two working CAT5 cables, but laptop will not connect there either.

I am left with the possibility the CAT5 port or something internal to that connection suddenly failed.

Does that sound reasonable? Or what am I missing?

I don’t know how common it is but I had the one on my PC go bad and just got one of these, which worked fine.


PERFECT…!!! Ordered one.
Glad I posted. I did not know these existed.

Many thanks…!

My year old Laptop does not have an ethernet connection.
Apparently it does not fit the low profiles.
I had to get these or use wifi only.

You can get an adapter for Ethernet cable to USB I believe. You have to carry a little dongle with you, that’s it

My first task as a Windows user would be to go into device manager and uninstall or delete the device and let the system recognize the absent driver and config and re-add it.

Also, if the laptop is older or cheap (err low cost), the speed of the LAN may be less than a wifi connection. My wifi on the laptop exceeds the 100mb crappy LAN card it has.

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You’re welcome. :smiley: :wink:

Got it today! Wonderful performance…!