Carmax or Carvana, an Easy Choice

Get a car from Carmax, not Carvana. Both cars came with dangerous tire set, nasty exterior cosmetic issues, alignment issues, worn out brakes. Carmax fixed everything! Carvana fixed nothing, even wasted a week of my time sending me through a warranty process that was useless. I sent multiple emails to various Carvana Executives. They never answered. Customer service and 132 point inspection were jokes. Only the joke was on me.

I had to wrestle some with Carmax, but eventually they fixed everything from replacing dangerous tires, electrical issues, cosmetic issues, etc. All without the extra warranty.

Still have Carmax car 5 years later. Sent Carvana car back with a sigh of relief. Be warned.

Wife and I had a “last one standing” list, and when she passed 15 years ago, it took me a while to get stable. Finally got to the list, and one item was to sell both cars and get a reliable new one.

Not wanting to deal with private sales, drove the first one to Carmax. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was, and the price was good. Took a bus home, got the second car and repeated the process. Took a bus to the Toyota dealer and bought a RAV.

I was very impressed with Carmax.