Capture & Store CO2 for $100 a TON?

Since we can’t seem to get serious about our CO2 emissions, maybe this will help stall the inevitable for a few more years. It’ll only cost $460 a year per ICE car.

“Graphyte says it can store the bricks in monitored, underground sites.”

What, like nuclear waste?

Are we any closer to carbon credits gaining traction as a tradeable unit for the RobinHood diamond hand crowd?

So, in a nutshell, grow trees and capture the CO2. Bury trees and sequester the carbon? How many energy units are used to dig the holes in the ground and bury the carbon hazardous materials?

Found this:

" The overall carbon footprint of timber is relatively small. For a single dry ton of timber produced, **around 1.8 tons of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere."

The linked article explains that the source material is existing waste product and the finished product is buried just 8 feet below ground level. That’s not much different than many landfills in the US. The bricks are stable and trap the CO2, sorta like a natural coal vein does.

The lumber industry you cite is a source of the raw material (waste products like sawdust and trimmings), to make the bricks. The finished product, the “dry ton of timber produced,” will only trap the carbon in the timber until it is burnt or rots, then the CO2 is again released into the atmosphere.

The Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL) in Richland WA was researching trapping CO2 as a mineral solid underground. It’s a good idea. That’s the Manhattan Project “Hanford” lab. Lots of smart people there. I’m not surprised the ideas are being picked up, they better be, taxpayers paid for them.

The CO2 reacts with the rocks and forms a solid. For example, Calcium Carbonate (chalk) contains a lot of carbon.

Growing trees is not the answer because when the tree dies and decays the CO2 is released. When you look at historical levels of forested land area globally and compare it to current levels it’s obvious that we are losing ground in the oxygen/CO2 cycle.

As an example, the Amazon rain forest is not a net positive producer of global oxygen, it is neutral because of the decomposition of dying vegetation offsets the oxygen produced by the living vegetation.