Robert Bryce: "Ford Is Losing $66,446 On Every EV It Sells"

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Thanks. Just as interesting as the article are the 45 comments at the bottom. A lot more good info

It’s always a good idea to check the source(s) for information you rely on for making good decisions.

The website provided in this thread-starter is owned by a guy named Robert Bryce. Robert Bryce also wrote the featured article. He’s is from Austin, TX and a University of Texas graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He has a 30-year history of campaigning for big oil and against alternative energy. His statements in the OP’s linked source are misleading and are purposefully omit the real reasons behind Ford’s EV losses.

If you want valid, (and objective) information on cars I suggest you try a website like Car an Driver. This article gives the real reasons behind Fords EV sales losses: … hint…they are building new EV manufacturing facilities.


Ford is making a huge investment in EVs. Losses are expected in the short-term. If they’re still losing $66k on each vehicle in 10 years, then they have a real problem.

But I really had to roll my eyes at the last paragraph that quotes a Washington Post article from…1915…about car makers trying to make EVs affordable for the average family and that after 108 years they’re still trying to make that happen.

Robert Bryce is a 63-year-old white male who makes a living as a journalist, filmmaker and advisor to petroleum industry clients.

He is a poster child for the endangered species list and will probably die out along with his beloved fossil fuel compatriots.