Best Credit Card for New Parents

Hi there,

We are expecting our first baby in February of 2024 - great news for us!
We’re a well-established married couple with multiple credit cards already and we’re wondering if there is a good credit-card that might maximize our benefits as we begin to buy things for the new baby: nursery, grocery, general expenses, etc. Any recommendations?

I have the Chase Sapphire Preferred (Travel), Amazon Prime Visa (Amazon), and Apple Card (General) already.

Any one else out there sharing a card with their spouse that they could recommend for these types of general household expenses?


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I have no recommendation, but congratulations on the arriving baby, and more congratulations on being so credit card savvy and financially aware…!

I think the key is just to get more than 1x on all your purchases. We have only two:

  • Citibank Double Cash for every day
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve for travel and dining

We also have the 2% Citibank Double Cash.

Does this mean that your spouse is not the primary on any of the cards. For credit purposes my spouse and I are each the primary cardholders on two of our four credit cards.

We currently don’t have any shared cards. We each have our own credit cards and there is a shared joint checking account for household expenses. For this card, I’d be looking for us to each have a card for a single accounts so I can pay it off as needed. Primary doesn’t matter, we bother have a great credit.

Is there a way to have a shared account where it helps both credit holders?

The most common arrangement is the primary cardholder adding other individual(s) as authorized users. The card usage will then be on the credit reports of the primary cardholder and all authorized users.
My understanding is that some credit cards companies allow less preferable joint accounts.

So the answer is yes, but you have to do some homework. I don’t believe credit cards issue “joint” accounts anymore. The model now seems to be for a primary card holder and then authorized users. You just need to make sure that the authorized users are reported to the credit bureaus. This means they will need the SSN of the authorized user. If they don’t ask for it…odds are it wont show up on the authorized users credit report.

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