Alliant 2.5% Signature Credit Card Question

My husband and I just opened an the Alliant High-Rate Checking Account so that we could get the Alliant 2.5% Cashback Visa Signature Credit Card. We literally just logged in to find out that we were approved. But, how do we actually get that credit card mentioned above (in his September 4th email)? Do we apply for that separately and it knows we have that account set up? I’ve read and reread the entire link and I don’t see where it actually says how you get the credit card. Am I missing something?

I signed up for both. Haven’t gotten the welcome packet yet as it’s only been a week.

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Click “Apply Online.” You use your SSN to sign up for both, so they will recognize that you have the checking account.

Warning on this card: until you “qualify,” you only get 1.5% back. When I got it, that took three billing cycles, but I didn’t notice that detail until 2.5 billing cycles in. I think they’ve shortened the time to one billing cycle now, but if you’re using a 2% card already, don’t stop using it until you’ve qualified this card for the extra percent.

Edit: when you click Apply Online, you can either “Login and Apply” (you want that one) or “Apply as New Member.”