Alliant Credit Union 2.5% VISA: Run away and fast!

This sounded like a no brainer. A card that always pays 2.5%, just keep some money with them. Here is my story:
First, I unfroze my credit. (no big deal)
I filled out their paperwork and they pulled my credit. (Again, normal)
Then they called to verify the phone number matched the account along with the last 4 of my social( Starting to get annoyed but still OK)
Then things went south fast:
They required a color copy of my drivers license. That wasn’t enough so they asked for the following:
Please provide a color copy “signed” social security card for the primary applicant, along with proof of address. Any one of the following documents can be accepted:
(My SS card is 50 years old. Does anyone think the signatures will match? And at what point is too much information being shared? Remember, they already pulled my credit and asked me to confirm last 4 of Social)
I did send it 2 of the below but with the color copy “Signed” social security card, we ended at an impasse.
​Utility bill showing service address (gas, water, electricity, cable, internet, home phone, trash, sewer)3
Bank mortgage statement (must show property address)3
Lease agreement3
​Credit card/bank statements3
Car title3
Vehicle insurance bill/policy3
Vehicle registration3
Homeowners property tax bill3
Property Insurance bill3
Voter’s registration card
​Phone bills (landline or mobile)

Now I am in the process of getting the savings/checking account closed and my money refunded.

Aside from the usual of providing SS # and address, I’ve never had to do any of that extra stuff for any bank or credit card account. Pretty ridiculous.

Requiring proof of ID sounds reasonable (but I’m not sure what calling your phone number was supposed to prove). What was the issue when you hit the impasse? Were the documents you sent unacceptable for some reason?

For those who are going to get this card, be aware that you only get 1.5% until you qualify for the last percent. I think that takes a month now. If you want to maximize your rewards, keep using your old 2% card until you qualify for 2.5%.

We stopped at the original (50 year old) signed color copy of my SS card, They insisted, I refused. They already had too much of my personal information. Every other bank online has an instant approval process. Run from these guys.

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