Any gardeners? Need advice

That is the fun part, watching them fight with other. Everyday, I spend a couple of hours watching the Hummers at the feeder. Fascinating to watch them.

I agree with you Ochotona. Don’t use Roundup!

Roundup is a Monsanto product. The Environmental Working Group ( is fighting to get it off the market because it is a proven dangerous chemical. Monsanto has been sued time and time again. However, their hungry lawyers find ways to keep it on the market. For some reason, probably payment under the table, the EPA allows it. It’s shameful that the government is not protecting the people. Google Monsanto and Roundup and look for lawsuits, etc.

On a side note, Roundup is added to field corn seed to ward off weeds. Monsanto requires farmers to sign a paper stating they will not save seed and plant it the following year. This has happened to my dad. He wasn’t going to sign the paper because it was the principle of the matter. (No, he wasn’t going to save some seed and plant it the following year.) The seed corn salesrep talked him into signing it.

The ingredient that is behind all the noise about Roundup is Glyphosate.

Glyphosate works by blocking an enzyme essential for plant growth. It has been around since 1974 and undergoes re-evaluation every 15 years by the EPA.

You can get products with Glyphosate in them a lot cheaper than Roundup.

We make our our version using Dawn dish soap, vinegar, water, and a little salt. Spray it on the leaves and it kills most plants.

The active ingredients in this home remedy are salt and vinegar, they draw water from the plant. but do not kill larger established weeds. Too much salt will contaminate the soil and prevent the growth of beneficial plants, bacteria, etc.

Dawn dish soap acts as a surfactant to break down the surface tension of the water to facilitate transmission of the salt and acid to the plant.

We’ve tried it with limited success.