Reattaching blown off vinyl siding

The great East Coast storm yesterday blew off several pieces of vinyl siding from our house. We can replace them because we have a ladder, but we don’t have knowledge about installing siding. We think there’s about 1/2 inch of insulation we’d have to nail thru to get to the studs.

Should we use nails or screws? 2 inches long or? Washers or no?

Some of the elongated holes at the top of the siding pieces where we would nail them on are ripped, so how do we deal with that? We don’t have any extra pieces we can replace them with.

Is there a way to secure the siding somewhere between the studs?

We have no idea why these pieces blew off, but we would like to put them back on so they stay.

Do you want it to stay, or do you want it to look nice? You probably can’t have both unless you call someone who knows what they’re doing. Maybe you can find a video on Youtube that shows how to do it if you figure out the manufacturer and type of siding. I kind of doubt it though.

Normally I would spend some hours watching a bunch of youtube videos, rather than post here, but we’re in a hurry since another storm’s coming tomorrow and we needed to get everything back up today.

Turns out though, we can’t simply put the pieces back up because some of them are damaged. We don’t have any spare siding, and the chances of getting new siding at Lowes/Home Depot to match the size, texture and quality we have is extremely low since our siding is more than 20 years old. Not even gonna try.

So I guess we’re gonna get a contractor to do whole house. Oh fun.

Well, that’s a bummer. Does insurance cover it?

Yah, vinyl is final!

My house has vinyl siding made by a company that is now out of business. It was called “Nailite”. It was a molded cedar shake look. The original color was a medium gray look. Now they are all white-ish as the sun has faded them.

I bought my house in 1997 and through the years wind has peeled pieces off. Early on I was able to buy a few boxes of replacement pieces but the new colored ones didn’t match the faded look. Ahhhh!

So now there is no more supply if I lose more siding. So much for “Vinyl is final!”

Our deductible would cover it.