Adblock? More trouble than Worth!

Is anyone using Adblock.
Seems to be more trouble than it is worth.

Sites recognize when it is being used and insist that their site be OKed. This takes time… more effort than watching the ads.

Are there any Adblock like apps that are not as easily seen.
I am about ready to delete Adblock.

I use Firefox browser 99% of the time, and use uBlock Origin as an ad blocker and the Firefox popup blocker. I expect that the same sites that are sensing Adblock are the same that are sensing uBlock. There is really no way around it. The sites want to collect your data and be able to show you ads. Some of them are so persistent that it is cumbersome to see the site without disengaging your blocker. I just no longer to those sites.

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I am not too good with technology but have been using this extension for a couple of years. I use chrome and added this extension.[behind the overlay].

If there is a pop up, saying to Disable the ad blocker, I click on behind the overlay and it will knock out the pop up. Doesn’ work all the time.


Usually it’s just an issue for me with certain news sites. I just hit the X and move on to some other site that doesn’t do that. Very little that I want to see is worth disabling Brave’s ads.

I say don’t bite…find another site for the info that you seek. with no one clicking and viewing their site lets see how that works for them …I have had several relent and allowing unharassed viewing - when folks wise up

Mark your calendar…I could have written that post with exactly the same words.

Same here. It’s just a minor PIA.

I use a network-level ad blocker. It’s easy to turn off and on. If I have a site that I really want to access I just switch it off for a minute then turn it back on when I’m done with that site.