Accepting a personal check from someone...and how unhelpful their bank can be

I haven’t accepted a personal check from anyone in…I can’t remember how long but recently accepted one in exchange for a used dryer I was replacing. While I knew the person by his public credentials I didn’t personally know him. I remember decades ago you used to be able to call an issuer’s bank and simply ask if the check would clear. Apparently now banks want the owner’s permission simply to answer that & without that they suggest the check holder (me) contact this person myself…kind of a worthless run-around! I called my own credit union to ask if this is their policy and apparently this is normal now everywhere. So now accepting a check you can’t call to ask if it’ll clear AND if it bounces (after about 3 weeks) you’re hit with a bounced check fee. Fortunately this check did clear but shesh, probably the very last personal check I’ll accept in this lifetime lol.

When I was doing rentals, I took their first check usually for Security Deposit/First Months Rent to the tenants bank for payment. Seldom, there was Insufficient funds and they would not cash it. I did this before giving the keys.

From then on, I accepted their checks and deposited them in my bank with no problems. Was the check on a local Bank or CU?

I’m thinking a lot of banks are pushing Zelle so that discourages verifying personal checks.

To my knowledge, I don’t think Zelle, Venmo, and CashApp don’t have consumer protection