Ordering checks & banking

I don’t need many checks. I usually need to write them for contractors, gifts or charitable contributions. My bank Sound Credit Union, because I have been a member so long, gives them to me for free. I just went in recently to deposit a check and asked if I could order more checks. They are sending me 200 for free. I will also mention they do not charge monthly fees for my personal checking or business checking. They also pay interest on both accounts.

What the hexx is a check? :grinning:

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I remember the task of writing out checks each month. Now it’s a few checks per year. But I still use them – donations to local charities, paying plumbers, etc (credit cards have a service fee that the business usually eats), and a few other miscellaneous payments. Online bank payments are awesome, but I still need a few checks.
Nice that your credit union pays interest – mine pays almost nothing on savings, and pays nothing on checking. But no fees, etc., so I’m not complaining.

I just ordered checks, also use very few, also free from my credit union.