64 GB PNY flash stick locks up mouse / keyboard

Bought three PNY 64 gb sticks and two work perfectly.
When inserting the last one into the USB hub, the mouse and keyboard instantly lock up–nothing works.

I suspect it’s because the USB hub also holds the Logitech stick, so PNY and Logitech on the same hub. I will test this on other ports, but the first two PNY’s work find on that hub.


Exchange the one that doesn’t work where you purchased it from, contact PNY for an exchange or try a different computer.

Yes, after posting I did that and it works fine. The conclusion is having the Logitech thingeee [a technical term] and the PNY thumb drive in the same hub caused the problem.

Never heard of that, and the other two PNY’s work fine in the same situation. Just seemed odd to me.

If the hub is NOT powered, then it is limited to current draw. I have external USB bubs with their own power supply.

My hub is powered and works even copying giant files.