I need help with glitches on my computer

I’ve had my computer for a few years now and I’ve encountered glitches that I don’t now how to fix. I’m not computer savvy, so who should I go to for help?

My issues are:

  1. While typing any document or email, cursor jumps from current line to another line in the document and sometimes deletes.
  2. I can’t toggle between windows.
  3. I am unable to use short cuts with the keyboard.

Any help or references to a business I can trust would be greatly appreciated.

Is this a laptop? And if so are you using the laptop keyboard with the mousepad just below the spacebar?

If you use a mouse and keyboard on a desktop, I’d check the connections first.
Also, if you can borrow a mouse/keyboard and plug them in to see if it’s better.
I had to replace my mouse when it got glitchy.

That would be my first steps – eliminate whether it’s the peripherals vs. the computer.

I also had issues with my laptop – spilled water on it, and made the keys act up.
I dried up and drained what I could and used a hair dryer, and it’s been fine since.

Thanks for responding. I have a laptop with a mousepad below the space bar. However, I use a mouse and keyboard.

I’m learning as I go along. You might say I’m a dinosaur!

See if you can borrow a mouse and keyboard from someone, and plug them in. If they work, then your original items need replacements. If not, then it’s probably something with your computer, and a repair shop can probably help.

If you still have problems after trying the suggested different mouse and keyboard, if it is a Windows operating system, you can use Window’s Restore, whereby you choose a date before the problem started and the computer is taken back to that date and hopefully is fixed.

Heh, welcome to my world

Before completely replacing the mouse, try changing its battery.