Will WiFi security cameras without an Internet connection?

I have DSL for Internet. I’m in a area described by the county as Rural Property and my house is 300 feet from the road. A cable that I think is the DSL line drops off a main line supported by a power/telephone/cable TV pole at the road. It runs to a small plastic box attached to the pole about 4 feet off the ground. Another line come out of the box, goes into plastic conduit and then underground to my house.

My concern is that because my security cameras work with Wi-Fi, someone could cut the DSL line 300 feet from the house and the cameras would stop working. Is that correct?

It depends… if your cameras require an Internet connection then your cameras would likely cease to function. But if they will run standalone without an Internet connection and you have a server and required displays for the camera application running on your WIFI, then it probably wouldn’t take it down.

If you don’t know the answer to those requirements for your system you’ll need to consult a tech, but one way to find out is to disconnect your Internet connection at your modem/router and see if the cameras still operate to your satisfaction.

DSL typically runs on twisted-pair copper wire, but wireless over-the-air implementations are also available in some locations.

If your cameras are wired they will work unless electricity is lost. If your wifi goes out then so do the cameras that rely on wifi only.