Who particularly likes Grocery Outlet Bargain Market?

My dad and I were there just last month. I wound up buying a box of Jimmy Dean croissant sandwiches that was cheaper than the same box at Walmart.

I love shopping at Grocery Outlet Bargain Market. I shop there maybe once a week and always finding good deals. I must add that you should always check the expiration dates on all items before you buy because a lot of items are almost ready to expire.

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Ohk . That’s ohk.

I love shopping at Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, especially for staples and produce. I’ve found that their produce generally is of better overall quality than other discount marketers like and there is often a better variety, too. Their prices are on par with, or cheaper than, other discount stores for produce, most of the time.
That said, they don’t always have everything in stock. But for staples and produce, I can generally find what I need and at a better overall price, as you mentioned. I’ve had some issues with close expiration dates, but usually it’s far enough in the future that I can easily consume/use the items prior to their expiration dates.

Last time I was at a GO store was in 2019 out in California. They had a limited selection, but I was buying food for a hike. I fondly remember getting those Epic brand meat bars ( jerky like) for a $1 each in of all places, expensive California. Those same bars are $3.49 at my local Whole Foods now. They are a publicly traded company too. Still making some profit according to the financials on them but the stock is trading in a low right now.