End of $5 Footlong

Now Subway is offering Buy one, Get second for half price.

Are they trying to fatten us up or appealing to families of 4.

I am now getting my Publix Subs cut into thirds… such is getting older. BTW, they are not as good the second day.

Publix cold cuts are much better quality than Subway.


Subway prices and deals change fairly regularly.

We regularly get custom assembled footlongs in the Deli at the regional Ingles market, they’re loaded with great fillings of your choice and truly a foot long. We generally make each last for 2 meals. $7.00 a pop, can’t be beat.

We have been happy going to the Walmart and getting the Italian Hero Sub for $6. Of course, you have to put the bread in the toaster oven and use fresh lettuce but still beats subway or the others.

Does Walmart make Fresh Subs?

The premade in the Deli Cooler are not very good.

The smaller Walmart Grocer Stores make the subs right from their deli from what I was told and put the date on them when they were made. They put on a generous amount of meat and usually a bad piece of lettuce. You get the general sub but have to freshen it up a bit at home. Subway and Jersey Mikes of course taste better but they really don’t put much meat on them, and the cost is well… And Walmart pizza is nothing compared to Costco.

Here in Hawaii, every two or three weeks Safeway offers $5 Friday specials. They seem to rotate between meatloaf, 8 piece chicken and subs.

The subs are pre-made coldcuts with thicker rolls than Subway and the meat is folded and looks a bit thicker than actual, but is still a great savings especially out here where prices are higher.

Comparing prices for Subway in Atlanta area vrs Hawaii:

BLT 6": $5.79 vrs $7.79
Footlong: $8.69 vrs $11.79
Footlong Pro" $11.69 vrs $15.29

Looks about 35% more here. Part of the problem is also that iceberg lettuce is not grown here in any quantity, so is imported.

I take the 8 piece chicken or sub to a pot luck on Fridays to help feed the crowd. Nothing like sitting at the bay/ocean having a beer, watching for that green flash.