Food prices in USA

I get good quality 80/20 hamburger meat on sale once a month @ $3.49 lb… Patty it up in qt. Zip bags. Buy enough to last till next time. Zip bags let you take out what you need. Boneless, skinless, chix brst. or thighs, on sale for $1.99 once a month. Do the same. Frozen broccoli florets at wally for .97 for 3 servings. Other vegetables also. Milk is about the same as pre COVID-19 days. Eggs are high right now. I eat healthy. What’s everbody bitching about? You might have to sacrifice some things. So what. Remember the rest of the world’s prices are much much higher. You [could] be suffering in Ukraine. Use your head and be glad you live in the U.S.A…

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I guess it depends on your goals if any. Do you want a better more enjoyable life for yourself as you age and a better life for your children and grand children? Or do you want to struggle and work harder to maintain the same standard of living as you and they age? If existing with the world’s lowest common denominator makes one happy… have at it. I don’t think most people do.

News Flash: We are not the rest of the world.
This is one of the most troubling posts we have ever seen here.

Now, we see the mentality that got us here.

Don’t reach for the Stars, Settle for Less!

Interesting that some folks feel free to represent the “WE” here in the forum. I didn’t see anything about the content of the OP that would be “troubling” in the least.

Perhaps we should review our own aversion to real or imagined criticisms before assuming everyone thinks like we do.

And here’s a news flash… we ARE part of the world. If you don’t think so, take another look:

If you think being poor is bad… try being rich first!!

Could you expand on that one?

It’s the American version of “let them eat cake”