Lidl.... Have you been there?

Have you been to a Lidl?
There is not one near me, so when I was near a Lidl I stopped in.

With all the Buzz, I expected something Special.

Using my Kroger App, I found that their prices on brands I used was about the same. However their store brands are priced good… so I bought several of them.

Not one of their store brands were good enough that I would buy them again.

I’ve only been going this year…been to 1 Lidl and 2 different Aldi stores. I used to shop at them in Europe, so I knew what to expect. Lidl and Aldi stores are at least 45 min away, so I don’t go very often.

I find the prices cheaper and the produce better at Lidl than my regular grocery store. Only thing I didn’t like was a Lidl brand can of peaches (kinda underripe?). Didn’t like Aldi as much. It seemed like they didn’t move products fast enough and that some items had been there too long.

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Yes I was so excited to have Lidl. They were great for three months but their prices are high

Even Wegmans can be cheaper like on French fries or orange juice. I liked buying produce but after 14 months, the quality is really bad even rotten

Used to shop them when I lived in NC. Unfortunately, none here in FL (so far). I like their brands quite a lot.

There’s been one here for a couple of years and I do most of my shopping there-they are halfway between home and ALDI. Smaller store (former ACME which vacated to build larger) so variety somewhat less than ALDI so occasionally I drive the extra to get broader variety.

Yeah I was there. From time to time I can visit lidl like to buy some groceries or food or anyway I want to. They have differents products so recently have bought a cream with lifting effect. I guess with the combination of exercises of losing face fat ( read it here btw ) will be nice