Which Warehouse Club Do You Shop At: Costco vs. Sam's Club vs. BJ's Wholesale?

Tell us why your warehouse club membership is best!

I’ve been a Costco member since they opened up their first store in Anchorage, AK. I think it was back in the late or mid 1980’s. I’ve never been disappointed with their customer service and rarely with their the products they sell. If I ever had a problem they fixed it right away. Costco is a rare example of genuine customer care!


Just an FYI…

BJ’s has discontinued their Online Access level membership per their Membership FAQs.

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Thanks for letting the community know! We will update our article.

In my part of Hawaii we only have Costco. It is a 30 minute drive for me, but others drive 2 hours to get there. Since they are willing to drive from the other side of the island, Costco figured they would not have to open another one I guess.