What Are Your Financial Resolutions for 2023?

During this season of reset and vision boards, don’t forget to evaluate where you want your finances to be next year. Whether you’re looking to save more, spend less or anything in between, let us know your goals for your finances in 2023! :money_mouth_face:

Resolution - be patient enough to buy stocks on sale in 2023 or even 2024

I am mentally preparing for a recession in 2023 due to the steeply inverted yield curves (13 week Treasury vs 10 year Treasury… -0.79% inversion, it’s a really solid predictor of a recession. It hasn’t failed in the post WW2 era, not ever. It lags by 6-12 months, so sometime in 2023. The stock market NEVER bottoms before a recession begins. The stock market HARDLY EVER bottoms while the Fed is hiking rates. I think stocks will have a Wile E. Coyote moment soon enough, if it happens step in with my cash reserves and buy.

Otherwise, no change. Max out 401(k). Maintain $0 debts of any kind. Retirement date 5/1/2026, the day my Medicare starts.

Oh, if Bitcoin hits $5000 or Ethereum hits $250, buy some.

I have lined up lots of credit to acquire more investment properties if we see the projected dip in the market around the Q2 timeframe. I would like to pickup 2 more SFR and 1 more VR if the cap rates are right. I have given up on self storage after looking for 3 years.

I am in the middle of pivoting my retirement portfolio to a higher allocation of DGI stocks with some fixed income and hedging exposure. I want to complete this transition by the end of 2023.

All of this to enable retirement in summer 2024 at the age of 51.


finish getting out of the market.
dead wife loved it, while i have always viewed it as a long con ponzi.
paid for house and a nest egg that, with my lifestyle and health issues, i will never deplete. we chose no kids, and were orphans when we got together 30 yrs. ago, so legacy is not an issue. ALL insurances are in place. retire to an off grid farm this spring. i will live on the back 20 and the family i am doing this with will run the organic lavender and sheep farm on the front 80 [3% ag loan won’t hurt either]. won’t work for everyone, but it will work for us. we want simple and quiet. the financial mosh pit just isn’t it; for us,

retire in 2024; but when do you rest? at 51, i hear a lot of over site in your future.
if that’s your wiring, good on you!

Being a landlord isn’t in my future. I don’t think I could deal with tenants.

i hear ya boo. love people, not tenants. luv em too, but they become ‘family’ in some way, shape, or form…can barely keep up with the dog. :rofl:

We are going to live internationally about 6 months of the year and travel all over Europe.

Both the real estate and stock portfolios can be managed from anywhere as they don’t require more than a couple hours per week.

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well done!


Tried it for a while. Waaaaay too much frustration. Not for me. Sold it.

I never had luck in the stock market so will stick to savings. Maybe get a one year CD to earn an extra 1%

My inlaws bought a condo to rent out. The tenant trashed the place and we spent three hours just cleaning up the kitchen!

i hear ya.
my friends call me mr. turtle.
i tell them what i lose in the market, i make up with more RESTFUL

sleep not being involved. my biggest point to them, is it ain’t real $ till ya take it out.

this line about you can’t time the market refuses to acknowledge that the market times
the market… we toss money at it with an advisor, fidelity, schwab, whomever. it’s ANYBODY’S

best guess at the end of the day. i would rather sock it away, pay cash, and have a lifestyle
and savings that insulates me from, ‘the market’ AND inflation. not as hard to do as
neighbors and the media would have you believe.

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I needed the sheriff to eventually evict my tenants, many many months with not paying rent. The delay was because there was a minor in the house, but as the sheriff learned, the youngster belonged to a friend.

When we finally entered the house, the sheriff yelled at me, “GET OUT!”

The tenants had stolen the built in range, but they did not disconnect the gas line and cap it. No, they “flexed” it until it broke. It was pinched off enough to prevent some gas, but the house was still filled with vapors. He called PGE to turn off the gas. It was a gigantic mess that took many trips and many hours to finally get things half way right.

Sold it the next day.

My goal is continue to max out all of our retirement accounts and enjoy the new 2023 limits. Four accounts for a total of $85,000.

The overall Goal for 2023 is to see if we can send a total of $100k to retirement accounts including taxable brokerage accounts too.

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You and I are twins separated at birth

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SPEND LESS. 2022 saw daughter’s wedding, three big trips and a new furnace / AC. Fortunately, I took out a personal loan before rates went up too much (under 5%) to maintain liquidity, but it would be nice to pay it off in 2023.

I retired at 52. Go for it.

Did you guys travel a lot ? We plan on living in various countries in Europe for long periods of time and using those as a base to travel even further east. I want to see 100 countries…have a long way to go.