VANGUARD Customer Service

I got locked out of my account last night and have been on hold for over 3 hours today trying to talk to someone on the “research team” to get my account unlocked. Can’t believe a sophisticated company like this can be so poor in this area. Still holding.

I logged on 16m after your post. No issues here. Any indication why you were locked out?

Just a security check I guess. They said my password was invalid and I was locked out. It took over 3 hours to get through to the security team. I had a quick conversation when they answered; I answered a couple of questions and they unlocked my account. All good now.

Previous posts have discussed issues with both Vanguard’s web site and phone customer service. This is a quote from a recent Morningstar article: “I like to compare Vanguard to, say, those of you who shop at Aldi.” Both Fidelity and Schwab seem to have better customer service. However I continue to use Vanguard with the exception of a small Schwab checking account for free ATM access when travelling internationally.

A VG rep told me to call >4pm EST on Fridays. Clients were probably planning their evening or the weekend and not calling VG. Have not called lately, but this trick worked for years.

Despite the custome service issues assets under management at Vanguard continue to grow rapidly. The increase was from 7.3 trillion in 2021 to 8.1 trillion in 2022.