Unusual Insurance Claim Settlement

So if a guy get’s in the back seat of the car and get’s his girlfriend pregnant by accident can the insurance company be liable for child support? :grinning:


Sure glad I am not insured by Geico.
There go the Premiums… Up, Up and Away!!!

If the decision is not overturned then I suspect that we will see a new Exclusion on the automobile policy excluding any liability for the negligent of one’d genitals while occupying or using the automobile.

This is really a case of Geico getting screwed in arbitration. Had this been in a court, it probably would have been overturned on appeal. I hope this makes companies think twice about requiring binding arbitration.

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What’s the negligee of generals got to do with it?.. :thinking:… do they wear those while binding arbiters?.. :upside_down_face:


H2. … … …OHH! … … … … … … :astonished:

Removed by poster… reason: a bit too silly :slightly_smiling_face: