Unplugged plasma TV got wet due to rainy weather

My dad just bought a used plasma TV at Savers today. Despite efforts by my dad and I to cover it up, the plasma TV in question still got wet due to rainy weather. The TV was unplugged when it got wet, but my dad and I smelled stuff that gave us bad feelings. We have wiped it down. Since getting wet, the TV has yet to be plugged in. How long should we allow the plasma TV in question to dry out? Is it necessarily ruined? If I remember correctly, the plasma TV in question is a Samsung.

give it a couple of days. putting a fan in back of it
might help.

Yes, the plasma TV in question is a Samsung. My dad made the decision to buy it. The TV had (and still has) a Savers price tag of $49.99 on it. What my dad was thinking was that he could turn around and sell it? Don’t plasma TVs go for, like, $1,000 these days? They aren’t officially being manufactured anymore.

By the way, check this out:

Does anyone make a plasma TV anymore?

Plasma televisions don’t get made anymore. This is partly due to the success of the LED TV, but it’s also because the plasma technique has its limitations.Nov 16, 2023

blow a fan on it and hope for the best. No money to be made

Well, weenut1, I did say that plasma TVs “aren’t officially being manufactured anymore.” My dad and I will hopefully wait for at least three weeks before trying our Samsung plasma TV out.